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Useful Words to know

Children and Families Act 2014

This is the law, written by the government. It explains the rules about support for young people with SEND, and how schools, colleges, and councils, should work together to provide this.


If something is confidential, it is kept secret. You might say or write something you want to be confidential, because you don’t want everyone to know. SENDIASS staff will keep what you say confidential unless they are worried you will be at risk if they do not tell someone, like the police or your staff.

The Council

North Yorkshire County Council is the people who make decisions about how to run North Yorkshire. They look after schools, parks, roads, libraries, bus stops- things to make life in North Yorkshire run smoothly. There are staff at the council who make decisions about education, like when to write an Education Health and Care plan.

Draft Plan

A draft plan is the first written plan, which might have some changes made to it before it is agreed as the final plan.

Education Health and Care Plan

This is the written plan that explains about you and the support you need. If you need support, more than what your school or college can give you, you can ask for an Education Health and Care Plan to be written.


This is what people say and write as a short version of Education, Health and Care Plan.

Graduated Approach

This is how your school or college might help get you the right support. They will try a way of supporting you (an approach) and see if it helps. If you need more help they will gradually add more help, or try different ideas. They will keep checking your support is right.


Impartial means you don’t take sides. Impartial advice is when someone does not take sides, but gives you all the information, and lets you choose what you think

Local Authority

This is the proper name for your local council. Your Local Authority (sometimes shortened to LA) is North Yorkshire.


Sometimes you might disagree with your college or the council. If this is a problem that you can’t fix, you might need special help to find a way to agree. Mediation is when another person, a mediator, listens to both sides, and helps you to work things out. If you need mediation, SENDIASS can help you arrange this.

EHC Assessment

If you have SEN support but you need more help, you can apply for an EHC. An EHC assessment is a really careful look at the help you get and the progress you are making, to decide if an EHC plan will help you. SENDIASS can help you with this.

Personal Budget

A Personal Budget is a list of things you need, and how much they cost. If you need extra support, you can ask for a Personal Budget. It can pay for things like clubs, transport, equipment, short breaks, and activities.

Annual Review

Reviewing means looking back at what support you have had and how you are getting on, to see if things have been going well. Reviewing should happen often. An Annual Review is when, once a year, everyone looks back at the last year to see what worked well, and uses that information to plan for the next year.

Right of Appeal

You might be unhappy because the council have made a decision that you do not like. Sometimes you will have the right to appeal. This means experts will look at the decision and might make changes. SENDIASS can give you advice about your right to appeal. 


The SEN Co-ordinator, or SENCO, is the member of staff at school or college who makes sure young people with special needs get support.


These letters stand for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. These include Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, Deafness, Learning Difficulties and more. It is anything that makes it harder for you to learn.

SEND Code of Practice

The SEND Code of Practice is information written by the government. It explains how all people with special educational needs or disabilities should be supported. It tells you your rights in detail. 


This is a group of staff who help people with SEND, and their parents. You can ask them questions, and they can send you information or explain things on the phone. They can support you if you have a problem. They are impartial and confidential.

SEN Support

If you have special educational needs your school or college may put special educational  support in place. This should help you to make progress. Special educational support can include extra help from staff, special equipment, different activities, working in small groups etc. Your support will be reviewed often. If you need more help you can apply for an Education Health and Care plan.


If you use your Right of Appeal to ask for changes to decisions you do not like, a tribunal is the meeting where this is discussed.