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From age 16+:

Things to think about –

Enjoyment: Will you enjoy your course and will it help you get the job you want?

Regular Support : What extra support do you need and will you get it (will your EHCP continue, if you have one)?

Moving on support: What sort of support will you get to help you move to your new education provider?

Money: Will it cost you anything? Are there any grants to help you?

Trusted adult: Will you want or need someone to help you at meetings? If so who?

Transport: How will you get to where you need to be? How long will it take? How much will it cost?

What are your options –

Supported Internship:


  • real work experience
  • must have an EHCP
  • minimum of 26 weeks on work placement
  • useful experience to add to CV


  • unpaid
  • 12 months commitment
  • no guarantee of a job



  • some professional qualifications
  • paid
  • training for a specific job
  • can gain degree
  • can study degree after scheme


  • not provided by all jobs
  • working while studying can be challenging
  • can limit career path
  • no job guarantees afterwards
  • lots of competition for places and jobs

 Further Education:


  • some professions require A-levels or a degree
  • maximum career flexibility
  • can work part-time
  • emphasis is on education and learning


  • requires certain grades of GCSE qualification
  • can take a long time
  • student finances
  • no guarantee of a job afterwards



  • real work experience
  • gain invaluable work experience
  • traineeship from 6 weeks to a year
  • training is provided
  • can lead to apprenticeship or employment


  • unpaid
  • must be unemployed and 16 to 24 years old
  • no guarantee of a job

Other Options i.e. personalised learning college:


  • specialist bespoke learning


  • very specific criteria for gaining a place, this includes having an education, health and care plan

Post 16 providers

Provide link to NYC EHE page for this

Our Offer | Transitions Education Hub (

SEND Provision – Transitions Hub

 Supported Internship Providers

National Careers Service

Results | Find a course | National Careers Service

Find an Apprenticeship

Find an apprenticeship – GOV.UK (

Need help with the application?

Telephone (0800 0150 400) or email:

For more information:  Become an apprentice: How apprenticeships work – GOV.UK (


Find a traineeship – GOV.UK (


How to get a job when you have a disability: About Disability Employment Advisors (

Work choice voluntary programme helping you to find work: Work and Health Programme – GOV.UK (

Employment and Advice Service to help you develop and gain employment skills: Education, Skills and Work | Mencap

Access to Work

Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is – GOV.UK (