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For Parents & Carers

We offer impartial information and advice about the law on special educational needs and disability covering:

  • Education, Health and Social Care
  • National and Local Policy
  • The Local Offer
  • Your Rights and Choices
  • Your Opportunities to Participate
  • Where you can Find Help and Advice
  • How you can Access This Support
  • Disabled Children's Services North Yorkshire.

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SEND Hubs 

What do they aim to do?

  • Staff in schools/settings will be confident to meet the needs of children and young people with SEND
  • Schools/settings will increase in confidence so that children and young people with SEND are included and can achieve to their highest potential
  • Parents/carers will gain a better understanding of the needs of their child and will have confidence that their needs are being met
  • There will be increased participation and achievement for children and young people with SEND
  • Schools and settings will build their own expertise through wider workforce development leading to better outcomes for all.

Who do they work with?

  • The child or young person is resident in North Yorkshire, or receiving education in a North Yorkshire educational establishment
  • The child or young person is in the age range 0-25 years
  • The request has been discussed with parents/carers and signed consent has been obtained from those with parental responsibility or from a young person themselves, where they are considered to be competent and are over sixteen years of age
  • The child or young person has complex and significant SEND. This means needs cannot be met without additional expertise, over and above what is typically expected in their school or setting
  • Children/young people attending schools/settings will already have had two cycles of assess, plan, do, review, and their needs are persistent.

Hub staff will work into schools and settings across the 0-25 age range and also with parents / carers and in the home where appropriate.  Each child will have a key worker who will be their main contact from the Hub team.

For more information 

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If you would like some further support in managing your own wellbeing why not take a look at Qwell.

Qwell is a digital hub providing online emotional support and counselling for parents and carers of children, as and when they need it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with timely access to 1:1 counselling if required. Adults accessing Qwell can do so without the waiting lists or thresholds often associated with traditional services. They can join online peer support communities, access self-help materials or engage in drop-in or booked one-to-one online chat sessions with our experienced counsellors.

Qwell works in partnership with traditional community health providers and provides links and pathways to traditional and specialist face-to-face services.

For further information please head to the Qwell website to sign up: