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Living Well in North Yorkshire | North Yorkshire Council

Living Well is a free service that aims to improve the health, wellbeing and independence of adults. We work with people who are isolated, vulnerable, bereaved, lacking confidence, or perhaps on the borderline of needing health and social care services.


Apps to help you travel:

UK Bus checker

UK Bus Checker on the App Store (

UK Live Train times

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Train Times UK Journey Planner

Train Times UK Journey Planner on the App Store (

Using public transport and have mobility issues or are driving follow the link: Driving and using public transport if you have mobility issues – Social care and support guide – NHS (

Require travel assistance by train: Assisted travel – Network Rail

Require travel assistance by plane: Accessing special assistance at the airport | Civil Aviation Authority (

If you need North Yorkshire Council (NYC) to arrange transport when you start at a 16+ setting then you will need to apply each year and you may need to pay towards it.  For more information follow the link: Transport to sixth form or college | North Yorkshire Council


Many banks offer free on-lining training – visit their websites.

From 13 years old you can open your own bank account.

You may be able to get some money from the government to help you.  This money is called ‘benefits’.  To see find out more follow the link: Benefits and financial support if you’re disabled or have a health condition – GOV.UK (

When you are 16 years old you become responsible for your benefits.

If you have a carer:

Your Home

What are your options?

Social Housing – renting a property owned by the Council or housing association:  Home – North Yorkshire HomeChoice

Private landlord is when you pay money to someone or a company who owns a property. It might be a room in a house.

Home ownership is when you borrow money to buy a house and pay the money back over many years or you buy the house with savings, or you could inherit a home when someone dies.

Home ownership for people with long-term disabilities (HOLD). This is a specific type of shared ownership to help people with a disability to own their own home. It is run by some housing associations. For more information: Own Your Home | Home Ownership for People with Long-Term Disabilities (HOLD) – Own Your Home

Shared ownership – a housing association owns part of your home and you own the rest. You have to pay rent to the Housing Association for the part you do not own and pay the mortgage, if you have one, for the part you do own.

Residential care homes – you have a bedroom in a building shared with a number of other people. 24 -hour care will be provided on site as will meals. For more information: Residential care homes and nursing homes | North Yorkshire Council

Supported living and sheltered housing – There are lots of different types, some of which come with help from support staff. For more information: Sheltered and supported housing | North Yorkshire Council

Extra care housing is when you are living in your own home with 24 -hour care and support available on site.  For more information: Extra care housing schemes | North Yorkshire Council

Shared lives schemes – you are matched with a host family. You share family life and live with, or near to, the host family.  For more information: Shared lives schemes – Social care and support guide – NHS (

Your Care

If you have an EHC Plan or a Health Care Plan or health care and social care needs are met by Children’s Services – at age 18 or over these will transfer to adult services.  For more information about the process: Preparation for adulthood – health | North Yorkshire Council and Social care for adults | North Yorkshire Council

Because you are no longer a child you may need to start paying for your care. An assessment of your finances will be done to work out whether you need to pay for your care. For a financial assessment: Paying for social care | North Yorkshire Council

If you’re 18 or over, and you feel you need some social care support then you can ask for a Social Care Needs Assessment, this is where your needs are looked at to see if you need some help. For more information: Social care needs assessment | North Yorkshire Council

For advice and support with daily living – online self-assessment tool:  Advice and support to help with daily living | North Yorkshire Council